Danish Desk

Danish Desk

All-round cover for your German-Danish legal relations

Favoured by Flensburg’s border location, and by consistently expanding our Danish-speaking expertise, we have been able to establish our Danish Desk as the point of contact for our Danish clients. With three fluent Danish-speaking German lawyers, we advise our clients in all aspects of German law, especially in property law, company law, banking and commercial law, and also increasingly in the area of renewable energies.

Our Danish clients include

  • in the property area: larger and smaller property companies, property investors, larger and smaller banks, landlords, estate agents, and endowment fund operators
  • in company law: holding companies, subsidiaries, shareholders, general managers, supervisory boards of German companies
  • in commercial law: business concerns, manufacturing companies, service providers, tradesman firms, and a great deal more.

In the field of property law we primarily assist our Danish clients in buying and selling property – be this as share deal or asset deal –, and by the execution of due diligence, in the legal aspects of financing – and also with collecting outstanding debts, whether these relate to rented property, purchases or are due to any other legal reasons.

In company law we assist you in establishing companies, creating holding structures, in mergers & acquisitions, or in setting up and maintaining inner structures, such as by means of general manager contracts, trust agreements and the like.In the area of commercial law we help you to arrange supply contracts, to develop your general terms and conditions of business, or in the execution of open claims.